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Training Day on Monday?

Just a quick one. It's my weekend with my boy and he has a training Day on Monday.

Usually I would drop him at school and his mum would collect after.

Now, nothing on the recent CAO covers training days.

Am I within my rights to have my son until his mum would usually collect from school?

Depends if the order has times. Eg if it says till school drop off time on Monday then it would be the same time as usual. If it doesn’t specify a time then suggest to her that he stays with you until normal school collection time. Or suggest he stays till lunch time- ie half the day each ish
Hi, the order states "Every alternate weekend on Friday from school until Monday morning return to school"

I had issues with ex over Bank Holiday Mondays that weren't attached to a school holiday week, so on the order it states whoever has our son on one of those weekends our son stays with them on the Monday as well.

She's texted me saying that she has booked a day off work already so I replied saying that to be reasonable she can collect him Monday morning but in the future if any training days fall after my weekend again our son will be with me until her normal work finish time, no reply as yet.
I think technically the time means until Monday morning - whether your child is at school or not - but it is a it of a grey area/loophole. It doesn't say "return to school tuesday morning if there is a school training day". I think it would be argued it is ended to mean - the time school starts on Monday.

If an order ever isn't clear on an issue it's between you to agree something. I have the issue with the bank holiday monday early may as my order says it will be spent with the "care day parent" but technically we are both the care day parent! Because my week-end ends at 6pm on Sunday so son is in ex's care Monday morning. But monday night is one of my overnights, so my care day from 3pm usually. So the wording isn't right for that situation. I just accept she gets that bank holiday day and it's not worth arguing over as she won't compromise.

If your order said Friday from school until return to school the following week - then the Monday would be wth you as return to school isn't until the Tuesday! But as it says until return to school on Monday then the Monday morning takes precedence over the "return to school" as it's intended that your time is Friday from School until Monday morning.

If your ex is reasonable you could try and negotiate that in future, if there is no school on a Monday, it is your time until 3pm (or whatever time she would normally collect them from school).

I had a big issue over this once and left it as there were bigger issues!
How we work our court order around PD days is basically whoever was due to have them that day gets it if it's a day where we swap we would just split it in half, however I worded mine that if they are part of school holidays they must be included.
Haha reasonable ex! Do they exist?

I see what you mean about the wording, I just know if it was the other way around I know what the outcome would be!
Some order wording doesn’t cover every eventuality. I wanted mine to say 9am thurs to 9am Friday (for my Thursday overnight) to be clear whose care child was in if finished early in the Thursday or had to go home such eg. But solicitor wouldn’t entertain it.

Your current thing is a bit of a grey area!
My ex insists on sticking to the order on inset days [8:45am] I kind of gave up but she completely forgot about this Monday. She handed back the school stuff last Wednesday. You should see the messages last night where she tried to squirm out of not knowing it was inset day that she fought so hard for.
Ill be going for 50/50 soon so Ill just accept that whichever day inset day lands on is just good/bad luck for the parents.

Otherwise have the order say inset days to be shared in turn.

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