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Looking after child when a parent is away
You could bring it up at the court hearing though and ask for it to be in the order (or recitals which are agreements that are more binding) that if either parent is out of the country the child will be cared for by the other parent. But that works both ways. Eg if order says child is with you for a particular two weeks in the summer holidays and say you had to go abroad for work for 3 days in the middle - it is your time and you might want your Mother or partner to have child during that 3 days and have regular contact with them both by phone while you’re away. So in that situation you wouldn’t want daughter to have to go back to ex for 3 days possibly. So you need to be careful what you ask fort. Anything you have in an order needs to be able to work for the long term. If you remarried in future you might want daughter to stay in your family home if you’re not available and not go back to ex.

So in the current situation she may want to keep her care time rather than give you more care time (and if things aren’t amicable she might think she couldn’t have regular phone contact while she’s away.

When is your hearing and what are the grounds for asking for a transfer of residency? A transfer is highly unlikely unless the Mother is seen to be a risk to the child and you have clear evidence if that (ie social services report, conviction for possession of drugs etc.

If it is that she doesn’t stick to the order then that might be different. Is it an enforcement application or an application to vary?

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