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Supervised sessions
Its a long list of very poor excuses that a family court has seen many times before. changing the time of supervised to morning is definitely a good idea
"the courts always look at the welfare of the child. given the above whats the likelihood of the courts saying to me, listen 'dad', you should give it up, its affecting your kid"

Likelihood of this occurring is extremely low, the courts are well versed at allegations being raised when contact is progressing well for the father. 

Loss of appetite, change in sleep patterns, behavioural issues, emotional issues - this type of behaviour is nothing out of the ordinary for a 2 year old.  I speak from experience being the father of 2 girls who are both under the age of 4.  My ex put these lame excuses in front of Cafcass, they were instantly dismissed.
I am in the process of going back to court again. I.e getting the mediation cert and filling out the c100 again. However friends are pressuring me to get a solicitor this time, they think my court case took 9 months because I didnt have one in the first place.

I have posted on a new thread about pro bono representation.

I am strapped for cash that is why I represented myself. Now I am even more constrained with centre fees and travelling fees. I am looking into getting pro bono representation, today I got an email saying my application for pro bono needs to be endorsed by either solicitors, law clinic, cab or an MP. I could do with the expert representation, I know I lost out on some opportunities in the first court case.

Question on pro bono on a new thread
Fingers crossed you get that help. All I know is a bad lawyer is worse than no lawyer. But a good barrister can make a massive difference.
I'll be filling out the C100, any tips to make it an emergency application? Dread waiting 3 months for even the first hearing date especially if its relating to a existing order.
Its probably not what you want to hear but there are no grounds for you to make an emergency application. Do however crucially proceed with your current contact arrangements which you have now as you want to maintain contact with your child until you can change things .

I do think rightly so you should change your contact to a morning slot so your child isn't asleep or ends up falling asleep.

I have not read entire thread but just replying to the emergency application bit and I probs wouldn't do a c100 just yet, things may improve for sure with earlier time slot which leads to positive reports which then moves forward to even more contact and if then refused the c100 gets put in duly so

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