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Need advice
Hi guys.

Things had been quiet for me, contact was finally moved to outside of a contact centre but with handovers being held there.

Everything was going brilliantly, the handover reports show my daughter is happy seeing me and is returned happy and excited.

Then a month ago it stopped. My daughter (3) suddenly doesn't want to see me, she won't even come inside the centre (we've been going there 3 years) when the centre staff managed to coax her into a room, she saw me, stopped playing and laughing and instantly asked for her mum and then started biting her fingers until they bled, (she regularly has plasters on her fingers now) she put as much distance as she could between me and her. When the centre staff asked her to "see her daddy" she said she has a "normal daddy at home, not centre man" (she sometimes called me "centre daddy" but now it's changed)

The centre are as worried and baffled as I am because it's been such a massive change in behaviour.

Literally in a week she went from not wanting to leave my place to running away from me and refusing to see me.

I don't know what to do.

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