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Immunisations - this is going to be messy
Has anyone asked the court for an order to allow the doctor to give immunisations ie flu jab, mmr.
Doctor completely agrees and has put it in writing.

Just wondering about the legal complexity of it, and likelihood they’ll make such an order, given the advice of the health professional.
Specific issue order I'd think. Should be quite straightforward. Why do you need an order, can you not just take child along and get it done?
Cheers Marwood,
Afraid not, if I do that, mother can sue doctor. The ex [without consulting me] signed to say she didnt want the inoculation given so there is evidence of her wishes and all with parental responsibility have to agree. If there is a dispute the NHS wont take action, which is what she wants. So off to court.
You can find case law here:
I was the same, daughter came into my care and social services tasked me to get immunisations up to date as she had missed all since 2yrs old.
Mother found out, sent letter to docs bleating parental rights and denying boosters, doc said they couldn't proceed as leave then open to an assault charge so its yet another to be decided by a judge.

Typical bitter ex, would even deny a life saving procedure if required just to spite everybody who wanted it done.
Ah that makes sense. Thanks for clarification.

Yes, specific issue order I'd think. I suspect unless judge is some sort of anti vaxxer then it should be quite straightforward.

Luckily my ex is pro vaccine, but if she wasn't I'd do the same and probably self rep. If you can have some correspondence with M just to show you've tried to work with her on it before issuing court proceedings, that always goes down well.

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