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Grandparent one parent refusing access
Hi all of the mother is refusing access to the fathers mother can this be done if both don’t agree... grandmother has been in child’s life and the children idolise her..

Can I fight this
From what you have written I believe you cant and it would be down to grandparent to make application to family court for access. You could try speaking to mum of your child and you or grandparent to attempt mediation to try and resolve issues
Grandparents generally have no legal rights, it would be up to either parent to allocate time to see them during their access time.
What situation are you in re court orders etc? Actually if the child is with the Father then it's up to the Father who the child spends time with. If the Mother is witholding contact from the Father because she doesn't want the paternal Grandmother involved then that would need a court application for an order for the Father.

I believe Grandparents can apply for their own Child Arrangements order and there are lawyers who specialise in this (at a cost). But basically the Mother can't refuse to let the child see a Father's family member, because it's his time and his decision what to do on his time. So how is the Mother refusing this? By just saying - you can't let them see Grandma and if you do I'll stop contact? If that is the case then get it in writing. The only other way she could stop it is if she applies for a prohibited steps order to say the children mustn't see paternal Grandma and I don't think she'd get far with that unless Grandma does drugs or has a criminal record.

If there are no court orders at the moment, you maybe need to do something in that direction but document everything first and show you have tried mediation first. Depending on the circumstances you could send a BIFF email (brief, informative, friendly, formal) - those are recommended on here usually for communication with an ex - because anything in writing can be used as evidence and it can work for you greatly to show all your communications are polite and civilised and reasonable - and hers aren't.

"Dear Ex Name

I understand you don't want John and Jane to see my Mother (their Grandma). I am afraid I can't agree to this as they love their Grandma and have been used to seeing her all their lives. They only see her occasionally when they are with me. Please can you explain why you have an objection to this. If we can't agree on this matter then maybe we should go to mediation to try and resolve the issue.

Regards, You".

Text is ok if you prefer it to email, but screenshot it or print it out, along wiht any reply from her. If she doesn't reply by text or email at all then your email is still evidence that there has been an issue and you tried to resolve it. Avoid discussing this on the phone (or anything on the phone) and keep things to text and email so it's documented.

If she replies - "I am never letting my kids see that witch and if you take them I will stop contact". Then you start mediation - if she won't come you get signed off and you apply to court for a Child Arrangements Order. Once it is in an order when they are with you it is none of your ex's business who you decide they see. It is none of her business anyway so I assume she is threatening something to try and stop it.
(11-24-2019, 03:59 PM)ukchris2013 Wrote: Hi all of the mother is refusing access to the fathers mother can this be done if both don’t agree... grandmother has been in child’s life and the children idolise her..

Can I fight this

This will depend on the current situation.

We need to know who the child lives with, and what, if any court orders exist
Posts made by me are my opinion and any factual information should be checked out. If you do not have a Solicitor, often your local CAB can get you some initial advice.

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