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Tips for enforcement hearings please
If anyone has any tips for enforcement hearings, would be grateful.  As I understand it, ex's try and turn it into a variation hearing. Also Cafcass are involved.
Yes be ruthless and get your ex punished . Its your application and not your ex partners. In these winter months for starters and gcse coming up there is no way without mothers influence a teenage boy would want to get a bus home when you can collect him from school , nor would a teenage boy want to get up un necessarily really early on a cold winter morning to go all way back to his mums house to then get bus to school when you can do it. This is only 1 of your many issues you have with her no doubt. Bottom line is handovers should be at school and not so she can expose your teenage son to hostility and being dragged into adult issues.

I still think you should enforce your application for costs from last hearing as it may well make her think twice before going to family court in future if she has to pay you 4 figure sums everytime

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