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Cafcass not fit for purpose
Has anyone ever complained about a Cafcass officer, and if so what was the result?  I have had the same one twice and she causes havoc.  She is rude, bossy, arrogant, sexist, clearly hasn't read the information and frankly a loud bully who is putting children at risk because she makes massive assumptions.  First time I had her I was grilled, bullied and even shouted at - it went on for four hours (this was supposed to be reaching agreement).  It's like she turns into my ex and repeats all her nastiness to me word for word.  At my recent hearing, same woman again and she wouldn't let anyone speak,not me, not my Barrister - just told me what my son wanted.  She can f.... off - she doesn't know my son!  Then said she knows what divorce is like and how much animosity there is.  Wrong.  I haven't been divorced - I have parented son since birth - she clearly hadn't read the application.  It is outrageous.  It was supposed to be an enforcement hearing but she clearly took ex's side and repeated all her lies.

I know they are not always the friendliest of types - but I went to court to protect my son's interests with both parents, not to be abused. When I'm getting enough abuse from my ex already. Her attitude was shocking - apart from the rudeness - as if I was just someone he "visits". Why wouldn't he want to go to his Mother's and get changed before he comes to see you? Why? Because all his life he's had a home with me! He gets changed here. xxxxx!
There are a couple of dads who have with some success here, hopefully they will offer some advise when they see your post mate.

I trust you have read the Cafcass official complaint process. With proceedings concluded not sure they will deal with it in a serious way though? Then again its hard enough to get them to deal with a complaint in a serious way even during proceedings.

Unless their input and error negatively impacted on the proceedings or its outcome, I am not sure it would be worth the headache? But thats just my first instinct. If you truly feel strongly enough about your grievances then there is nothing stopping you to go for it, even if just for principle.

The only negative I can think off, other than your energy and time spent in pursuing it, is that it may come up on any future letter or report to court from Cafcass. ie the 'bitter dad' who blamed us nonsense.. Just thought I'd mention that.

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