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Ex trying to stop contact
So following on from my last post, my exs solicitor has contacted me saying that she wants to stop all contact until our child is old enough to make her own choices. This is the same argument she's used throughout. Our child is 3 and the contact centre is still trying to explore all available options for her to assist in re-establishing contact. Surprise surprise the ex is refusing.

Looks like she's going to try and change the court order to end all contact, given that all the reports and notes from the contact centre for 3 years has been nothing but positive towards me, do you think it's in any way likely that a court would just stop contact when there's no harm to the child?
That sounds like twaddle. By the time a child is old enough to make their own choices they will be used to living without a Father and have been influenced!

What exactly does your current court order say? So you have been having supervised contact, with good feedback, but it has been stopped? I think you need an order for progressing contact. If there are no safeguarding issues then it should progress gradually from daily visits to overnights to week-ends. You would probably need to apply to vary and say feedback from contact centre has all been positive, Mother won't agree to progress contact and it has now stopped. Child is three and you wish to ask the court to order progressing contact as follows. And that there are no safeguarding issues. And that you are willing to have a family member (eg your Father or Mother?) with you initially during day time contact to reassure the Mother.
I would make an application to vary the order. you got good reason, there are no safeguarding issues . you now want contact to be phased towards overnight contact starting with 4 hours unsupervised then been built up in phased stages to your child staying with you every other weekend Friday pm - Monday am and half the holidays. if u can do it I would also be asking for midweek contact as well.

Your ex solicitor is just writing what her client ( your ex) is telling her to say. a child needs both parents and you have excellent reports from supervised centre.

your ex is not thinking of child and is acting out of malice

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