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Order Variation MIAM
I plan to go back to court to vary an existing order issued in sept 2019. The MIAM for that took place Sept 2018.

When applying for the variation we fill out the c100 again. Does anyone know if I need to attend yet another MIAM costing £100 before I can make the application for variation to existing proceedings / court order that is being adhered to?

Appreciate responses, many thanks
Opinion on the forum has been divided on this one. Some will advise that if there’s an order is in place then you can apply directly to the Court and don’t have to attempt mediation. However, I did read of a case (although it was from a few years ago, so maybe things have changed?) where on an application to vary, the Court wanted the Applicant and the Respondent to attend mediation. The Respondent (the child’s mother) refused mediation, so the Court then ordered that both the Applicant and the Respondent attend a Separated Parenting course. This was even though the order had been in place for several years and the child involved was 12 years old!

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