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How do I get CAFCASS off my case?
CAFCASS has proved that they are there to protect the mother and have already taken side with my ex. I have few example to prove that they have taken sides. I spoke with my barrister and he told me that he would like to treat the report apart . Is it better (if we can) take CAFCASS of the case or show to the court that their recommendation is baseless and they have sided with mother?
What have cafcass recommended contact wise. you are much better off with Cafcass involved as supposed to social services. the fact cafcass still involved I am guessing you just need to focus on children and forget about ex and ignore reports that are written in certain ways that look like they are favouring ex. Focus on contact and don't raise any issues and you will get further quicker.
Well CAFCASS didn’t make any recommendation and focused on what ex said and recommended fact finding hearing. You may remember early this year when I went to see in laws and had CAFCASS officer calling me and shouting at me nexuses I knocked on ex parents door. Ex made various allegations in contact centre when she wasn’t even present i.e touching children inappropriately which made me physically sick. I had CAFCASS again calling me and talking about those issue. Then my choked disclosed to me that he has been subjected to physical abuse which I reported to both CAFCASS and social services. Guess what, CAFCASS didn’t even respond to me email and ignored it all. So whatever recommendation they make will in in ex favour. I have applied for full custody and will do anything to get it and I don’t see CAFCASS helping me at all.
Its all a game this family process. You wont get full custody. how can you? you aren't even seeing them on a regular basis now. nearly all dads that have been successful on this forum getting anywhere near full time access have built contact up gradually. I don't even get anywhere near shared care, the people that do very well get 12 nights but that is majorly contested over at least a few years. what I am saying is your contact needs to be built up slowly eeking more and more when you can. cafcass I don't think are against you, they can only recommend if you are in a contact centre for you not to be and it to be unsupervised for few hours and phased. we all done it on this forum and its a long road but rewarding in long run. it tends to progress quicker if u say nothing about ex apart from good things

and I know its not fair what you been through but it is just the way it is and only way to get best results is to play the game . I have a friend who fights and has a very huge bill and its hard to convince him but before u blink they are grown up so what do you do. comply now or its too late and they are teenagers Sad
Pretty much as Warwickshire said, I got really lucky, got 9/21 nights in my shift rota which is 12 in a month but I consider myself very lucky to have come out with that when I was getting 4/21 initially, I've doubled my time essentially. You'd probably have to gradually increase time and usually to get full custody mum would have to be a serious risk to the children. As utterly useless and one sided as cafcass are you need to keep them on-side. I used valid arguments at court, I completely ignored what they reported as difficult as it is to read because they are simply reporting what mother said. Detach yourself from that and focus on what you want and back up with evidence or valid reasons. I backed cafcass and ex into a corner where they both ended up agreeing to give me a shared care order instead of spends time with.
Thanks Astroman / Warwickshire. I have triee/ trying to work with cafcass however they have their own view who according to my barrister based one one person opinion rather than fact. I have always tried to concentrate on children unlike ex who tried to make up stories about me. I can show the court that under no circumstances she can co parent and makes sure children spend time with me ( I.e. made up stories to stop contact even in contact centre) . Also children have dual heritage and it is important that they know other heritage however ex proved that she only want them to be bought up with her culture I.e. she dye a young child hair blond ( how wrong is this?) . She also has got mental health issue and on top if that she has been going under major treatment for some kind of blood cancer ( I was very sympathetic about it and wanted to withdraw my case but they wanted me to sign consent order so I will see my children in a contact centre for foreseeable future which I refused). Alienation also started last year. Do I still need to prove ahe is a risk to the children?
No you don't need to prove she is a risk to the children. you want to do the complete opposite to everything you said above pretty much.

Your application is about seeing your children outside a contact centre and building it up to overnights in a phased way.

Bringing up issues about ex including about your daughters hair been dyed blonde is just going to majorly delay things and could mean staying in a contact centre. We all know and its applicable in all our cases as a dad that an ex would rather you don't see your kids at all that's why we all as dads come on this forum. Only way forward is to bite your tongue and show that you are willing to co parent and not let children see any hostility and animosity between their parents.

There is probably many dads on here and even myself if mum done something crazy to their hair would make us frustrated annoyed and think how dare she , but you have to pick your battles...complain to mum you get abuse , complain to authorties you appear the unreasonable one. so you have no choice but to accept it and look at the bigger picture getting plenty of access to your kids

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