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Moving home with Son

I was awarded live with my son full time and Mum has alternate weekends from Friday pick up from school to Monday drop off at school.

I am currently in a 1 bed flat(my son is 9 years old) and i need to get a new property with another bedroom.
I currently live in London and to get another room i need to move further away. I am looking at Cambridge which is 70 miles away.

If i wanted to do this could i? i could offer Mother a further day in a weekend which reduces the alternate weekends to every week as a solution maybe.

Is there any thoughts from people who have been in a similer position. I am happy to be fair and would look at all options.
Yes thats fine as long as you arent obstructing contact. if like you say she can only pick up from school friday but cant drop off monday but sunday instead you could offer supper and play during week anytime she wanted or come to some other mutual agreement.
Thanks Warwickshire.

Grateful for your response and information.

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