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Christmas wishes.
Hi dads,

Just wanted to wish everyone a merry Christmas and I hope you have some quality time with your child(ren) over the festive period. When I think back to a year ago I barely got any access generally or over Christmas with my son but this year I’m getting half of the holidays and seeing my son on a regular basis. It’s always a constant battle with my ex but I cherish the time with my son and keep reverting back to the court order (I’m one of the lucky ones with decent access). Just goes to show how things can change during the course of a year. Smile
You too! And Happy Christmas to all on here. Yes cherish the time you get despite what ex’s do to try and spoil it. My thoughts are with all the Dads who don’t get to see their kids this time of year. Leaving the country on a cheap flight helps and Barcelona is a great place to be - everything open till 1am.

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