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Caroline Flack
Classic signs of a female any man should avoid.

1) constant volatile relationships
2) chases younger and naive men
3)thrives on victim hood

My ex in a nutshell. Not every woman with a failed relationship is to be avoided but you if you meet someone DO NOT fall for the woe is me stories. Probe any potential partner for her history and look for the signs.
If her history is littered with difficult relationships with family/friends/ex partners and it was never her fault it’s classic warning signs to get away.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens to flack. If her fella had smashed her head with a lamp whilst sleeping it would already be a forgone conclusion
nothing will happen to FLACK. It wont even get to trial in March unless if it does she will be offered a lesser charge before it commences. Only way it will make it to trial if she does something mad from now until march 2020 whilst on bail
I’m already suspicious of the not guilty plea. From what I’ve seen of domestic violence prosecutions, the solicitors for the accused will push them to plead guilty. No witnesses to the assault, the victim of the assault doesn’t want to press charges, but the CPS will prosecute. Why are men not given this ‘get out of jail card’ of pleading not guilty and going to trial by jury?
Anyone can plead not guilty irrespective if they done it or not. she may have been advised to plead guilty but it is down to yourself what plea you put in. I don't even think you have to put a plea in. I hear the charge is common assault which seeing what she Is done is very generous anyway , maybe trying to initiate a early guilty plea or simply police charged her for common assault resulting it not being able to be changed once you go to court. I personally think there wont be a trial and there will be no case to answer. only way there will be a successful trial is her partner who was assaulted takes the stand and gives evidence against her. It appears early days he misses her and supports her and attended magistrates court at 1st hearing. also for a conviction for common assault it carries very little punishment anyway.

basically its absolutely ridiculous you have to see this on tv everyday a pointless incident that wont even have a trial due to her partner already not supporting it. of course CPS will pursue it up until close to trial date as things can change as victim could change his mind. they wont be in any hurry to do anything. I am sure they will also meet up before court hearing to see each other , what are they actually going to do if she does meet him..tell her off and slap her wrist
Warwickshire, it will be interesting to see how this goes. I think that if the situation was reversed and he was the one that had committed this domestic assault, his solicitors would have told him that he needed to plead guilty. There was a time in my life that I couldn’t understand why anyone would plead guilty at the first opportunity, but of course under sentencing rules this make a big difference.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that if he'd assaulted her in this way then he'd have been pushed by his solicitor to go for a guilty plea to get a lesser sentence.

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