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Terminal illness
I have received some medical records that previously were only disclosed to the court not me to find out that children mother has acute myeloid leukemia. She has been going through treatment for a year. Looking on internet people with this illness have 20% chance of survival only for 5 years. My application from the beginning was children to live with me full time Nd spend time with their mother.
Like other fathers on here I am dealing with false allegations that she made against me. Looking at documents and medicL record I don’t need to do anything to show the court she is liar. However, this may sound terrible and heartless but will her illness impact on residency? I’d like to create a home that my children have stability to build their future. How will the court consider this?
you need to build your contact up like I said before phased working towards half the holidays every other weekend and some midweek contact. If something unfortuanate was to happen to childrens mum which hopefully it doesn't if your contact is built up to lots of regular contact residency would more than likely be given to yourself.

Her illness wont impact on her residency at moment, its best to not be negative in any way and not to go out disproving shes making false allegations unless u are asked to.
I have to disprove her as got finding hearing is due in few weeks. My application is to children to live with me so every other weekend is out of question. Due to her illness (mentally and physically) she isn't capable of caring for the children and her parents looking after the children at the moment.
Why the answer always is every other weekend where it is clear that she isn't capable of caring for the children.
It is for the system that after 16 months of court battle I am having to do just fact finding rather than final hearing.
I am asking if any other dads here with similar situation wanting full custody to share experiences. Thanks
I hope you didn't ask for a find a fact hearing yourself. Would of been much better off with a final hearing .
I didn't it was cafcass recommended it. My solicitor then said get it done as ex kept bringing up false allegations so I needed to clear my name. Unfortunately I had to wait months for it. Hopefully it will be done and dusted in few weeks. Cafcass then need to complete their report and make recommendations. A final hearing will be after that. I know what cafcass good to say but my barrister said he will tear up their report in final hearing base of what we have.
It will need doing sensitively and diplomatically - you are looking at the safety and best interests of the children. You could add that you would ensure the children’s healthy relationship with the Mother while protecting them. I am not sure in the type of Leukaemia but these days it isn’t shears terminal- has a friend make a complete recovery after treatment. However it will be looked at as terminal so defend yourself and the kids but be careful not to say anything negative about her when showing the care issues.
Thanks Charlie. I wont in anyvway be insensitive. Unlike her I will ensure children will have relationship with their mother. In the same time I wont have any sympathy for her after what she has done to me and the family. Reading so.eof the notes shw told her doctors after she left make me physically sick. However medical records prior to breakdown speak for themselves how supportive husband I was and good I was with children etc. I cant wait to see her face when my barrister questions her about them in court.
I'd like to move on and bring up my children in a healthy environment, send them to a good school so they will have a future.

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