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Where do I stand here
So the basis is this: I have a CAO that states where and when contact with my son takes place. Child mother has since moved away and on that basis I agreed to a variation of that order where and when contact takes place which up to this point has been followed.

Now me and my child's mother communicate only as and when we need to via a well known recommended court app where messages can't be deleted about our child. Now she has used this to have cheap digs and throw insults my way before but that's water off a ducks back to me with this individual. Over Christmas I got to know my child was being giving stuff he was allergic to and I directly but politely told her to let them know about his allergies. She's taking a massive huff and now gone on to accuse me of stalking her, that my child doesn't want to see me and "court will be fun!" and that I can expect a letter in the post all stemming from this one message effectively saying without actually saying she is going to breach the mutual agreement that is in place.

Should she go through with that, where do I stand?
Its best to wait until she actually refuses contact before anyone can give any advice as people would want to know what arrangements are and advise the best way forward.
Hopefully she was just trying to wind you up to get a reaction.
Thank you for that. All went as well as it could considering. Well she tried some porkies to get him back over the weekend but I wasn't born yesterday thankfully.

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