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So my ex put in an urgent application on a few nonsense points.

One of the points was that I was causing big problems at the nursery and putting the child’s position in jeopardy and that I should have a prohibited order put against me from contacting the nursery.

I presented to court a statement from the nursery apologising fully to me regarding their treatment towards me, that they had been told a bag of lies and also revealed the child had fractured their arm last month.

The ENTIRE nursery issue was glossed over at court today (including the fractured arm). As if it didn’t exist.
I saw a similar tactic previously in another hearing and this time I was ready for it. I was determined to put them on the spot. Mentioned it clearly three times, then on the third I insisted if we were going to discuss it.

Suddenly out pops technical legal jargon from the magistrates as to why that particular subject couldn’t be discussed. The bottom line is I had clear evidence of the ex telling bare faced lies and showing poor welfare of the child.

The courts are a joke, joke.The second you have evidence completely exposing a hostile mum they bend over backwards to protect the female. Utterly grotesque, they take the utter piss.
No wonder I self represent and in truth they hate you for it, for not funding their industry.
Sorry to hear that. What was the “outcome” if they weren’t interested in that?!
Just about minor points regarding me about following a previous order on indirect contact.

Basically I have to bend over backwards on a time for a call the ex knows I will struggle on and having to do a parental course for a second time. An online one was sufficient, then suddenly isn’t. They make it up as they go along.

I stated to them again that I can’t find any face to face ones locally to do if you can’t bring your own child which they said today they are aware of......but still order it anyway. The magistrates are simply arseholes.

That minor point of my child fracturing her arm last month is just irrelevant, apparently.

I’m gob smacked how divorced from reality they are.
Has the fracture occurred in her care? If you’re concerned get social services involved let them speak to your ex if the courts aren’t interested.
Social services wont get involved. the incident would of been dealt with by the nursery at the time if it happened there or mum would of been to hospital about it. If he was to complain it would be seen potentially as being malicious and making the situation even more hostile than it already is
It wasn’t in the nursery care. That’s why I held off on social services for exactly that reason.
Bottom line is it’s not the first time health has been hidden but nothing significant as a fractured arm.So...your left in limbo really.

The courts aren’t interested and if you go to social services you’re the malicious one. Despite it entirely being hidden from you in the first place. Irrespective of actions or outcomes I’m permanently pigeonholed against a system that makes it up as it goes along.


I’m not stupid I see through it exactly,
The reason they couldn’t acknowledge the fracture is because they didn’t want to get drawn onto the nursery.
They didn’t want to get drawn onto the nursery as it would have forced them to acknowledge statement from the nursery in that it exposed her blatant lie within her application about me ‘causing’ trouble there.

The nursery statement (apology) to me was full and frank and stated the bag of nonsense they’d be told about me.

I basically hobbled their attempt to string me up on that subject and it actually blew up in their face. They didn’t like it and closed down the topic with techno babble. I see through the tactics.

They did exactly the same when they more or less held her hand to not bother with a fact finding hearing. I turned the tables back on her with documentation

The magistrates aren’t daft either. They knew I was wise to it hence the third and rather obvious way I brought it up again.
I invited her solicitor to bring her own nursery matter in her own application, she didn’t know what to say hence the court flew into action and closed it down.

They rely on people’s ignorance to get away with this and don’t like people like me not swallowing it. It’s a cosy club.

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