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Losing hope
Not sure if this goes here or not... I don't know...

I've been fighting, scratching, clawing, beating through all the cafcass rubbish, the courts, having to fight uphill against my ex and finding the system biased.
For example
Me: "here is proof my ex did XYZ, and phone audio, CCTV footage plus 5 witnesses"
Courts: Silence.
Ex: "when he was 17 he drank 7 beers and fell over"
Courts: "well we need an alcohol test and a report from his doctor!"

I've not seen my little girl since October... The more I see how my ex is alienating her and how crippled the system is the more I lose hope.

I'm not going to give up... But I'm never going to win.

How can you build a relationship with someone who has been brought up to hate you? To call someone else their "normal daddy"?

I'm a dad without a daughter and I don't see that ever changing now.

At least I'll die with my boots on so to speak... Nobody can tell her I didn't want to be in her life...

It's just soul destroying that she's being raised to believe that her father isn't her father and or is a monster.

One foot in front of the other right?

Because it's not about me.

It's all about her.
With out knowing all the facts, which you do not need to share, I would say keep going and never give up hope.

If the worse happens and your daughter does become distant, you never know what the future may hold, and if at any time she comes to realise her mind might have been manipulated, your always be able to show you fought tooth and nail for her.

I do believe there is still huge bias towards the mother in this process, but there is no appetite outside those personally affected to hear witness to sexism against men, its not cool or fashionable so no one will champion the cause.
Where are you at,at the moment? Still in contact centre? The trouble with showing evidence of things ex has done is the biased system then sees you as aggressive towards ex! Usual advice is - play the game and repeat the mantra "I just want my children to enjoy happy loving relationships with both parents and in both homes". If you say anything negative about her (even if it's true) it gets classed as conflict between parents as well as "Dad possibly aggressive" and then Cafcass decide the child is better with the Mother most of the time to avoid the conflict. It's a minefield.

Remind me where you're at? Assume you've had a section 7 and a final hearing (I can't remember but seem to think that and that you were considering applying to vary).
Everything should have been sorted.
But after a month of taking my little girl out of the centre. Suddenly she hates me and won't even see me. How can you go from the centre saying "everything is great" to the next week saying "child won't come in the centre"
I've had a s7 just about everything the court can order, due to my ex making all kinds of accusations. Court goes into overdrive. Despite no evidence. Nothing happens.
I make an "accusation" backed up with evidence. Court won't hear it.
Court order is basically bog roll now.
Doing everything by the book has resulted in me not seeing my daughter since October.
My daughter is being alienated from me and the system sees this and backs up the ex.
I'm not doing well...

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