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Has anyone complained about family court specially local court how they handled their case yet? Is there any where you can complain to?

Last February Judge ordered fact finding hearing on urgent basis. We were given a date in August which was a joke. Then solicitors decided they need more than a day and asked the judge to hear evidence in August and make a judgment on another date. Judge cancelled the hearing and we had no other date.
Court then gave us a date in December which again was a joke. We went there in December and was to,d Judge was busy with other cases and couldn’t see us. We then were given a date in January which I went to just to be told ex couldn’t make it due to her illness.
I have now been given a date at end of April which is beyond a joke. I’d like to make a formal complain about the court administration how badly they are handling the case.
I my solicitor already wrote to them saying it isn’t accept that I am stuck at contact centre and within the system and cannot move on because of malicious and un founded allegations ex made against me.
I am losing hope with family court especially local (to ex obviously). I ask if we can get a date anywhere also as I can’t spend another 4 month in contact centre.

Apologies about spelling mistakes as I use my phone to type. I’d appreciate your help.
Solicitor sent a complaint letter to the Court. The court has come back saying they want £50 application fee so they can show the letter to a Judge. How wrong the system is. This is complete joke.
Sounds to me like solicitors aren't helping matters in the slightest and this is causing family courts having no choice to delay matters. I wouldn't bother complaining as April will soon be here and they probably wont do anything before April hearing

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