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This is the end of 2 year long case.
Your patience has paid off and your child focused atttude has as well. You’re lucky to have the same Judge throughout.
Congratulations mate that’s an excellent result and testament to you holding your nerve & staying calm and letting the court process do its (very slow) thing.
Your situation sounds very similar to my own. My ex wife and her family have been carrying out a relentless campaign of alienating behaviour on my two young children for over 2 years now.
I too have had to go to court umpteen times, had all sorts of false unfounded allegations made against me by the mother.
I had my contact significantly increased last November after the sheriff got fed up with my ex wife’s baseless allegations and blocking behaviour. I now have my kids 3 out of 4 weekends and every Thursday & Friday.

They get found out in the end, give them enough rope and these crazy women will tie themselves in knots.
Thats bloody good news, happy for you lad.

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