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Self-Litigant or Representation?
Hi All,

You may already know some of my story from my previous threads, however, to cut a long story short I am due to attend an FHDRA in a couple of weeks following a child arrangements order - I am essentially requesting 50:50 access as this is pretty much what I had before.

The Cafcass Officer called me and noted that the Mother is making accusations of domestic violence against her in our previous relationship and also that I am abusive towards our child. None of this is true and I explained that since my contact had been restricted I had asked the Mother what concerns she had as to his safety when with me unsupervised - she has never once acknowledged any. I also mentioned that I have had our child unsupervised for nearly 16 months and she had never raised any concern or grievance. The Cafcass Officer at the end did state that she would be issuing a report with no safeguarding concerns, however, I am yet to receive this yet.

I am wondering if I should look into representation or continue self-litigating? I do not believe she has any evidence of domestic violence/abuse, however, at the same time I do not know what she will produce to use as evidence. Would a solicitor/barrister help in determining this and how to move forward?

As long as you can remain calm and ignore ex partners claims I would carry on self representing for now. A cafcass officer quoting she has no safeguarding concerns is a huge positive for you. It will be now down to her to produce factual evidence which may be ordered at the FHDRA hearing to back up her claims. A final contested hearing will be ordered and if one hasn't been done a s7 report. unless you have had one done for FHDRA hearing coming up.

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