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need advice please
ive been to mediation , yet again, about 3 weeks ago, paid 120 pounds for it, and ive herd nowt at all, apart from when i did ring mediators asking why i herd nothing , and reply was you x partner is waiting on , her, legal aid????? funding,, thankyou Huh
Hi. Don't worry - it's purely based on finances if you get legal aid for mediation, and not like court where they get legal aid for making allegations!

At mediation there is an option to fill out a form for legal aid and usually they ask you if you're eligible. Last time I went they asked me and I said no, won't be eligible, but they said fill the form in anyway in case your ex is eligible - I said she probably wouldn't be (but then thought she might claim anyway!). Mediator said just in case she's eligible, fill the form in, because if she is eligible then you get a refund of your initial fee! (Might be a partial refund, can't remember). So it could be good news if your ex is eligible for legal aid :-) I can't quite remember how it works but I think if one of you is eligible, neither of you have to pay. Either that or your payment is reduced.

Wait and see if she's eligible for the legal aid. If she isn't then she probably won't go to mediation or she'll say she'll only go if you pay or something. If she is eligible then you want to ask the mediation service about a refund on your initial fee and ask if that means you also don't have to pay each week now.

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