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Virus issue
Hi everyone , just wondering what you all think about arrangements with our children during the Corona virus situation may pan out ? I live 60 miles away from my little one , and as we all know the exes are only to stop contact for the slightest reason . So how do go about this ? I've got a CAO , every weekend fri to monday morning and half of all holidays. Been going okay . If and when things get worse and things grind to a halt , I'm still wanting to pick my child up to bring home with me where I can take care of her here also , obviously keeping our distance and being cautious. But I can see this being a tricky one , and I know there'll be no face time given if the ex keeps hold of my child. And this could potentially last for many weeks . Anyone else having thoughts on this ? Thanks
If she stops contact she will be breaching. However I cant imagine a family court doing anything about it as the corona virus will be used as an excuse.
Really unless you got symptoms and whilst schools are still open contact should happen as normal. If you was to catch it you would self isolate for 7 days and I guess if your ex had it you would perhaps re consider having your child for contact possibly
It’s a minefield isn’t it - I started a post on it on main child contact thread. Some ex’s may use any excuse it is true. Others may be glad to have them off their hands. Depends if your ex is more scared of getting it.

I can’t work it out myself. There isn’t really an argument for stopping contact as kids are supposed to be safe from it and not even show symptoms sometimes if they have it. Unless the child has a medical condition maybe. But the ex might think they could pick it up at yours and give it to her. My ex wouldn’t think that as she is pig ignorant and ignoring health warnings anyway. I am more likely to get it from son and I am over 60 with health conditions so in some ways I would accept seeing less of him if it came to it. I think we may have to ride this one out and all keep safe even if we see our kids less than before. It’s a time when I really wish things were amicable and sensible with my ex.

It is not a great situation having kids going backwards and forwards in this climate. I would just contact tour ex and say you will be there to collect them as usual but will let her know if there is any risk if infection at yours.

I cannot see the courts helping much. They would be swamped. I was even thinking of a specific issues order to keep my kid off school to reduce my own risk but that seems bonkers and would probably fail if government says they should go to school and ex won’t agree to keep him off. My ex is more likely to send son if she knew I was concerned about getting the virus so you could always try reverse psychology if she tries to stop you seeing them - ie say - well you do have health concerns for yourself so will agree to see them a bit less for a while - then she might send them more.

I know this is no joking matter. Bad situation for separated dads but also for everyone.
my ex has taken it super extra light that it is getting ridiculous she sharing jokes on social media when already 1000s of people died because of it and nearly 100s of 1000s people suffering from after contraction. Complete lack of sensitivity but freshly coming off the court with an child arrangements order no impact to the contact. Probably because she knows I'm super paranoid and I would do anything to keep children safe from virus. This is after she fought in the court for 2 years claiming children welfare issues by the way ! Life is funny.
It is very very weird isn’t it. Yes my ex has tried everything to keep son away but will probably keep sending him knowing I’m paranoid about getting it as well. I wouldn’t worry about catching it from son if they closed the damn schools as it will spread in schools.

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