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Coronavirus and ex's
Same here - mine is using the excuse that he has been there four months and they are now. Won't agree he can come - and in my case I am the one at risk and she takes risks with her work anyway (according to her).

To enforce it you need to complete a C79 form. Police won't be able to do anything.
Ok I look into that, does it cost anything again, she had a dam good payout from the old house I just sold
£215 pound to enforce if you are representing yourself
...... as from the 24th July you could be fined £100 for not wearing a face mask in public but unreasonably denying a child or children to spend time living with their father for weeks maybe months you will likely get no penalty at all. At worst a few stern words and told not to do it again.

It absolutely stinks .........
They should fine on spot parents that dont allow dads without any plausible reason £!00 lol payable within 14 days otherwise rises to £200
..... matched to the cost of a Court Fee ....paid both to the other parent and then again to the Courts - there is no reason why not !!!
Is there any scare tactics I could use, I'm sure if I gave her £200 she soon let me see them. But that only last so long. Tempted to not give her the bloody child maintance but I guess that wouldn't do me any favours, although I would keep it saved till things got sorted. I don't see why I should be blackmail to see my kids. This Covid 19 really messed things with my court order
"This Covid 19 really messed things with my court order"

Tell me about it. Although I was having difficulty before because of this stupid recital ex keeps saying that son's choices over-ride the court order. But at least he was coming regularly as per the court order.

My ex now doesn't want to go back and wants him there full time. Scare tactics? I don't know - they hold all the cards. Possession is 9/10ths of the law and all that. Mine is steaming because he hasn't been here and she's been feeding him every day. I did think about offering to pay extra CM out of courtesy but didn't because then she'd have no incentive to let him come anyway! £200 wouldn't bribe my ex. Even if I offered her £10,000 she would still mess about and then accuse me of using son for blackmail.

Yeah there should be a fine. There kind of is if you apply to enforce as I believe you can ask for the court fees as a kind of fine. But you are expected to have tried everything before applying to enforce - I am still communicating lol. And getting nowhere. She's not even replying now.

I am racking my brains to think if there are any grounds for specific issues application instead of enforcement (if it comes to that). Which is normally quicker and usually no Cafcass. Specific issues because a recital is being misinterpreted? I guess that's variation. Specific issues because not enough phone contact? I guess that's variation. Specific issues because covid is a specific issue?
Looks so she blocked me as not replying to any messages. Not much else I can do but apply to the courts
Mine did this yesterday - refused to respond when I asked for agreement. I replied this morning saying, as I've had no response I am taking that as agreement and will be there at x time to pick him up. She replied after that (it wasn't a very nice reply). But eventually got a week agreed.

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