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Contact Centre Closure
I have had a phone call from contact centre saying that they will be closing the centre for foreseeable future and therefore children cannot come and I cannot see them. They were sympathetic but I don’t know where I stand with this. There is no communication between ex and I so it can’t be agreed as an alternative. Does anyone else have the same issue?
That is difficult. I would think an urgent specific issues application could organise supervised contact some other way but first you need to think it through. There is the whole social distancing thing and I am not seeing my son at the moment. Partly because I opted to self isolate until Easter due to my own health, but also because Ex is claiming to be a key worker so she is keeping son in school. When it gets to Easter hols time for son with me I fully expect her to say she is self isolating. The schools have closed and kids are at home so not surprised contact centres have closed. Bit of a nightmare. Are you waiting for a hearing? If it’s not too long I would just hang in there. Otherwise you could try a specific issues order for Skype contact until hearing date. A lot of courts are short staffed too but some hearings are being done by video call I believe .

Of course you may not get the Skype contact if your ex is difficult.
Yeah unfortunately I am in the same predicament. The CAFCASS officer agreed weekly FaceTime calls for two weeks after which I am looking at hiring a support worker to come and assess my time with him somewhere in the community as opposed to in a centre.

Do you have CAFCASS involved in your case - it may be worth speaking with them to try a bridge an alternative arrangement for now - it isn't great but something is better than nothing. If you could get a support worker to assess you, that would be ideal.
Spoke to my solicitor and was told that there isn’t anything we can do with current situation. I thought she was useless to be honest but after tonight announcement I think there is no chance I can see the children. She then suggested FaceTime and I agreed.
I am waiting for fact finding hearing which is in April. I am dreading it is going to be cancelled again. It was cancelled 3 times so far and I have been waiting since last February.
CAFCASS isn’t involved yet and it was them who suggested fact finding hearing. I guess they will get involved after that.

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