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Corona implications
I normally attend contact centre every two weeks, in London, was supposed to have one yesterday but I opted out due to the virus and conern over everyones health. It's much worse over there.

Should me opting out still affect the weekly email I get and the weekly whatsapp call I'm entitled to? I'm wondering if they might use this opportunity to not comply with court order, they're defence may be "well he didnt attend to see his daughter, he broke the agreement"

I have a FHDRA for order variation coming up over the next two weeks which may (remotely maybe) or may not take place.

Any advice please?

I will off course raise this as an issue on the next hearing.
Thanks, after reading JamW's post i have a vague idea what to expect in regards to corona.
There’s another thread on the whole coronavirus issue. And a link to Cafcass guidance. I think you need to keep polite communication with ex until hearing if possible. It’s tricky. If contact centre is open you are probably expected to attend unless Ex says she thinks it is a risk. Also be prepared for hearings being postponed. I hope not. It isn’t really a risk to children - more that they can pass it between people.

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