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Seeing my kids during the Coronavirus lockdown
Following the announcement made by the PM Boris Johnson this evening in relation to Britain going into 'lockdown' because of the Coronavirus pandemic, I have a question if anybody can answer or advise regarding these unprecedented times.

I have 3 children who live with my ex approximately 3 miles away from my house who I have both direct and indirect contact with, although we are still going through court proceedings (but due to the current situation I am guessing the next court hearing in June will get postponed). 

I am a 'key worker' and so is my ex although I work full time on the railway and my ex works part-time in a nursing home for the elderly. Between us we have mutually agreed that because the children are not at school I would have my children as much as I could between shifts and days off so I can continue working and also my ex can work her part-time hours as well.

Before today the arrangements were that I would pick up the children from their home and I would bring them back to my house and my ex would then pick them up on her way back from work which we had mutually agreed to do. 

However, now that tougher restrictions have been imposed this may make things a little more difficult in order to do this as one of the quotes that Boris Johnson said was:

"You should not be meeting family members who do not live in your home"

Now, does that mean that I am not allowed to pick up my children, or my ex can drop them round to me because my children do not live with me? But as I am a key worker do I have the right to go outside of my house (regardless if I am in uniform or not) and pick up my kids? Likewise, could my ex, who is also a key worker have the right to do the same? As she is a key worker and needs to get to her job what are the exact rules and regulations on this?

If I was to leave my house and pick up my children and I get stopped by the police I could get into serious trouble and face a hefty fine or prison sentence which I obviously do not want so this is where I need some help and guidance if possible what to do and what my rights are, if any.

I am not sure if anybody really knows as this has just come into force and i doubt even my solicitor would know the answer to this just yet.

Does anybody have any suggestions or advice they can offer me, please?

These are certainly unprecedented times and I wish everyone to stay safe and healthy and to stay at home where possible so we can get out of this awful nightmare we are all trapped in.
I have found the answer to my own question on the BBC news website which was asked by somebody "Can divorced parents keep seeing their kids even if they live in different houses?"

For anybody who is in the same position as me and would like to know the answer was this:

"Yes. The Government guidance on staying at home says where parents do not live in the same household, children under 18 can be moved between their parent's homes and that while children should not normally be moving between households it may be necessary in these circumstances.
Yes that answer is in another thread on coronavirus :-). But it will also take some sensible flexibility as well if you can achieve that.

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