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Remote court hearing
I have read somewhere that courts will be operating remotely. So judges can work from home due to coronavirus issue. I have a fact finding hearing in April and it was cancelled 3 times previously due to various reason I.e ex was ill etc. This works for ex so she can delay the actual proceeding and I can’t see my children outside contact centre.
I am pretty sure due her illness she will have received A letter saying she must stay home for 3 months so another excuse that works in her favour.

I was wondering if there are others that are in a same situation and have been offered remote hearing?
Court hearing was cancelled again for fourth time and excuse this time was due to nature of allegations this matter could not be heard remotely against I am stuck with ridiculous fact finding which was all made up to delay the proceedings. Solicitors dont care as if case delays they get paid more. Mother is happy as she has got the children and can use them to control me. The person who suffers more is me whichvisbout of pocket for almost 20k even though the actual proceedings g hasn't started.
They want to listed after 2 month at first court availability. Last time they said it it was last febru6and by the time I went to the court it was November. It looks like I am going to spend almost 2 years in contact centre. Not sure which bit of this is in children best interest. All craps
Sorry to hear that - it's because of this virus situation. Hang in there.
You need to dump your solicitor at the earliest opportunity. It's an unnecessary expense you'll regret later on.

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