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Telephone hearing
Hi All,

Hope everyone is doing well during these strange times.

So contact moved to unsupervised in Feb 2020, with review date on April 6th where it would possibly move to overnight if my accommodation was deemed appropriate. Just as I thought things were improving , Ex demolished that by alleging I lived in HMO, and got the ex au pair to make a statement as evidence. I have now provided supplementary evidence to prove this is nonsense. 

Hearing got postponed last week
Mum then stops contact and refuses to allow facetime
Au pair who facilitates contact is Spanish and has fled back home

I do feel sorry for the ex somewhat, as I know she will be struggling to cope during this difficult time, but she has never shown any empathy to me or my family (they have not seen their gran daughter/niece etc in over 2 years)

get email today saying telephone conference will still take place on 6th April. Ex messages me asking to agree to adjourn as she will not be able to cope as primary carer, also manages to abuse me in the messages. Sends me the email from the judge who says it is not unreasonable for her to be able to attend 30 minute telephone hearing whilst daughter is in her care. For this reason I agree to go ahead, as contact has stopped and no clue as to how long she will string this out.

As a final act of desperation she offers the bribe of allowing facetime this saturday if I agree to adjourn. I stand my ground, she abused me some more.

So anyone have any experience of a telephone hearing? what should I prepare? I have already submitted my witness statement and detailed evidence to the court. Should I have a position statement?

Thanks in advance
Ok the clues are there . She doesnt Want telephone hearing to go ahead. So during this terrible time with corona virus i feel as an interim order unsupervised contact should continue immediately and adjourn hearing to a later date so you can have case dealt with properly. Seems like you are doing well already just keep calm and dont lose it.
So quick update. Was all a bit shambolic as judge did not have any of my submitted papers, but main concern was that contact had stopped and needed to get that addressed. Has agreed to weekly facetime chats every Saturday between 12 and 1.

I did lose it towards the end and rightly so got a wrap on the knuckles from the judge. Ex was accusing me of forcing her to attend the telephone hearing. Oh well, I'm grateful it was a small victory.

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