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I have had 2 report for court by cafcass now, the cafcass worker is unbelievably biased!!! I feel like she is my ex wife solicitor, 
i havnt seen my children in nearly 2 years and that's how long the court case has been going on, i was found proven of DV when there was no evidence even when i requested it, because my ex was lying and i knew that. 
so i was ordered to send indirect contact to my children with letters, gifts and cards.every week. i have done this since December 2019 and not missed one week.
now i have had my new report for cafcass and they have said i am still abusive to my children, even though i not sure now when i have not even spoken to my children on the phone. she has said that the letters should now go down to one letter every month. and that intil i do the course for DV i would not be able to see my children. 
the whole report is keeping my ex wife safe not about my children and about what they have been putting in the letters about missing me so much and that they love me and their half sister. 
and my daughter has said she doesn't want too see me because i make her jealous because i told her i was going on holiday. and that she only wants pictures of her sister and gifts from me, but today i received a letter from my daughter which was so lovely but she some how new my flowers in my garden have not grown yet... she has not been to my new house so how would she know this. but my now partner has seen my ex wife drive past the house so the only thing i can think of is my ex has brought the children past and that's how my daughter knows about my flowers... 
i just don't know what to do??? can any one help me, i thought u was going forward with the court case maybe a contact centre....
my ex has also moved and i believe it only within miles of me even though she said she fled me, when i left the married home and she told the judge that, which the judge then questioned her. 
im so confused and at the end of fighting tbh.
Hang in there. If you’ve had two Cafcass reports you must have a final hearing coming up have you? You can cross examine Cafcass at that hearing and the Judge will hear what you say and what they reply. Mark has done good examples of the kind of thing to ask Cafcass and show they are contradictory.

I take it there is nothing in any of your letters that mentions the ex or is derogatory about her? If not then no idea why they have reduced indirect contact but again you can challenge that at final hearing. Sounds like you had a fact finding if ex lied about something and they decided you need to go on a DVD course. If not then yes Cafcass have taken ex at face value without seeing evidence. At final hearing you can present evidence and undermine all of this and the Judge will decide.

But if you have had a fact finding course and they found against you then it is quite common to say - go on a DV course if you want to see your kids. The difficulty there is you’re over a barrel because if you claim your innocence and don’t go, you don’t see your kids. It might be best to go on it but at the same time write a polite, brief and courteous letter to Cafcass stating that the allegations are untrue and you are innocent. However you will attend the course if they have decided you should as you very much wish to see your children.

Then hang fire till final hearing and show she was lying (if you can) or at least or at least have a good statement and evidence as to her attitude etc.
If you write to cafcass and say your innocent and allegations are untrue they will not accept you on the course.

Maybe you should write on here what you wrote in your letters with personal stuff edited out. People will be able to see if letters are ok that you sent or theres something that is causing cafcass to be the way they are.

I would do the course though and just say you accept the court ruling and work towards seeing children
i will write them all up later just at work atm, bare with me

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