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Children going to my ex's ex's house?
I have just collected my children from their mother's. They informed me that they went to their half brother's dad's house because she was working. She's an NHS worker and I work in education. I don't really have an issue with them going there in general but it was at the weekend and she knew I was home as I'd volunteered to have them if needed, then I feel she's put them, herself and myself at unnecessary risk. I feel this is especially selfish and flouting government guidelines whereby children are only supposed to move between birth parents house/those with PR. The man caring for them does not really know them and is not in their lives. What would the hive mind advise? I think she's trying to bait me into an argument and I'm hoping this is a one off occurrence, if it isn't then what should I do? There's no point going to court because by the time it's seen by a judge, this might all be over. Children's service acknowledge that it goes against guidance and is extremely unusual/inappropriate, but doesn't constitute a safeguarding risk as far as they're concerned. I already know if I text her she'll say their half brother is already moving between houses then it doeant matter that my children moved between 3 households rather than 2. Feeling sad, worried and anxious ?

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