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Can't see my Newborns
I have just today been told to leave the mother of our new born (2 weeks old) twin boys and been punched in the face by her after an argument. The babies haven't been registered yet so I've no rights and the mother is telling me I can't see the babies. Please can someone let me know what I can do in order to see the babies as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.
Best advice is to give your ex time to calm down. If you not heard from her ask if you can take twins out for a hour for walk.

If none of this works then no doubt people will give more advice and go through next steps.

I do think its a very difficult situation you are in though
Thank you. Also, half of my belongings are in the house which she is denying me. Does anyone know my rights to collect these?
Same advise as above. Let her calm down over weekend. And also gives you a bit of time to think as well

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