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Consent Order approved but I have a problem
Hi. After over 3 years of separation I got my consent order to settle financial issues approved by the court and received it 2 days ago. I was a little annoyed that the order was dated over 3 weeks ago leaving me less time to sort out the money that I have to give to my ex. But wasn't too worried as it just means its done and dusted sooner. 
I have a large chunk of money invested in a P2P lending site which I need in order to pay. I was sensible and have been using the instant access investment option. However, upon requesting release of funds I've been told that they've been overwhelmed with requests for money release since the lockdown was announced and I should expect over a month wait time. This is disaster and it means I can't meet the 56 days time to pay which starts from the date of the order!

I do not believe that decree absolute has been applied for yet by my ex and I understand that the 56 days possibly does not start until they apply for this. Is this correct? I could contact the court and ask for extra time given their delay in issuing the order. I am happy to pay as soon as I get access to the funds but I really don't want to start incurring interest due to late payment.

Can somebody advise on where I stand with this? Thanks
Nobody can help?

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