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Final hearing online
Hi everyone, I hope you are all coping well with the current situation. So I possibly have my final hearing in a long 5 year process, this is going to be online which my ex's solicitor says weakens my case as I self represent. Anyway, I have been asked to write another positional statement by the beginning of May and I really dont know what to write that I've not already written. I was appauled the other day as my ex told our children 7 and 9 about the legal process, however we were supposed to speak to them together about it as a unit, again something she took away from me..this resulted in my sons not wishing to speak to me and my oldest saying I'm forcing him to live with me and I'm making the government make them!! They have clearly been told what she wants them to hear instead of how I would have put it which would have been "Mummy and I are finding it hard to agree on some things regarding you both, so a special person needs to help us make the right decisions which could mean you stay with mummy or me" would that not have been a better way? Or am I wrong? My ex then proceeded to send me a voice clip of our son begging to stay in England, I forwarded this onto her solicitor and our boys solicitor and guardian as I seen it as nothing more than emotional blackmail...I honestly cant imaging how our sons are feeling. I have applied for full custody based on her parent alienation, withholding medical information regarding our oldest who now has major issues so much so he is doped out of his eyeballs on antidepressants, antipsychotics, antihistamines and he has been on antibiotics daily for well over a year and also tanks a full bottle of Ibuprofen every 2 days!! This is the result of a diagnosis of PANDAS by an online doctor(not seen in person)....a diagnosis which I completely disagree with, our son has anger management issues and has done since he could walk, this was highlighted by a GP!!
I am really worried about this final hearing, I go blank all the time, I cant afford a solicitor...I only want what's best for our boys and cant do this anymore! I have returned to court year after year because of threats to withdraw contact, her removal of my name from theirs and a breach of the order(upheld), and already her solicitor has said my August access is not being agreed to by my ex! My current court order states Ihave half of all holidays, a weekend every 5 weeks(I asked for another one, two in a row and was told it would not be agreed) and Skype contact twice a week. It's no wonder I'm at court every year, its constant uncertainty. I feel that the voice clip is the final straw in her manipulation and emotional blackmail.

Do any of you have any advice for my final hearing? I know this is a difficult time for everyone, and apologies for my long and all over the place post.

Keep safe everyone ?...and thank you in advance ?
It all depends on s7 report and what contact has been recommended. Do you both live in uk?

One thing for sure is that you wont be getting residency and they will remain with mum

Reading your post u get 1 weekend every 5 weekends . Although they wont allow back to back weekends cant you do every other weekend or even 1 weekend every 3 weeks.

Actually you may get 2 weekends in row if it happens every 5 weekends if it was only solicitor and ex opposing it. Cant see why a court would dispute it as ex would get 3 weekends in row
Hi Warwickshire, yeah we both live in the UK, I'm in Scotland, she is in England, I left due to DV and her affair.
My thoughts exactly with the 2 weekends in a row, she gets 4 weekends in a row either side so what's the access shouldn't be less important than hers, I also have a static caravan near where they live for ease. I am under no illusion that I wont get residency, but the courts need to actually wake up and see what's going on here!! I've not seen my boys since Feb because of the Coronavirus and they are now trying to say my August access isnt going ahead!! Sick and tired of her calling the shots all the time, all I ever wanted was the access that the courts granted me to be maintained. The boys guardian is calling me on Monday so will see how that goes.

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