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Issues with collection/dropoffs
I am just wondering,

I moved to Bristol 3 years ago from Southampton, and my ex completely refuses to ever meet me part way for drop off/collections, meaning Friday nights after work I have a 200 mile 4-5 hour round trip journey, in which my kids get to my house and go straight to bed so I don't get to see them Friday Nights.  Then I repeat the process Sunday afternoon because they need to be back at a reasonable hour to be rested for school.  

We currently do not have a court ordered visitation agreement in place as we've done our visits mutually, however since Covid has started she's refused me access and I can't enforce it without a court order so I am now filing for a hearing.  (There are other issues as well as such as denying access to them during the summer holidays, denying access on big event days ie.. birthdays and christmases).

My question is this.. what is the likelihood of as part of the court order, the court saying that drop offs and collections must be at a neutral site, part way between our houses?  Has anyone had any experience of the courts including this in their orders?  If she met me halfway I'd be back home by 7pm and have a few hours with the kids in the evening, as well as I would have an extra couple of hours on Sundays, not to mention that there have been times I've nearly fallen asleep driving home as I am so tired from working full time, then having all those miles on the road at night.
unfortunately your best off discussing contact with ex . A court would only order you to pick up kids from your ex after school on a Friday and return them to your ex on sunday every other weekend and give you half of the holidays. they wont order her to do any pick ups and also you moved to Bristol from Southampton. only way to see your kids more regular and save travel is to consider moving back to southampton

Also you cant enforce . an enforcement can only be considered when there is actually already a court order. Your best option would be is to ask enlight of recent gradual lifting of restrictions is can you pick your child/children up this Friday for contact and return them sunday

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