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Breach of a Contact Order

My situation is awful, I had the hearing and Cafcass just believed everything she said even though at the court hearing I produced evidence to prove otherwise. The court didn't even consider my evidence. The case was simply parental alienation and even in the Cafcass report she noted the feelings of the children were not longstanding, I hadn't seen them for 1.5 years at that point. One child didn't want to see me because I used to shout at Mummy (she was antagonistic and used to shout a lot herself) and the other child did but then Cafcass changed it from the words of my ex that she was confused and thought she was being offered sweets, this was in the amendment report even though she had not spoken to the children again. In the end the order was that I write to them monthly and me ex is to encourage the children to keep the letters and be positive which in my mind means they should be writing back. The kids were 5 and 7 when I left. So here is what has happened so far.

First letter - Did not collect from post office as far as I am aware. I can't be 100% certain on this as Royal Mails website isn't clear.
First Letter sent again - Received
Second Letter - Received
Third Letter - Attempted delivery meaning she has been carded, still not collected nearly a week later.

So my question as I have not had a response from the children and she is refusing to collect the third letter is it a breach? I have been very careful in the letters to ensure there is absolutely nothing she could say is inappropriate, not that I would do that anyway but obviously I can't discuss court, my leaving stuff like that.

There is a lot more to this but for the purpose of this I just need some advice on whether it's a breach.

Many Thanks,

The court will look at if there's is reasonable explanation for not collecting. The children may be ill and she is unable to collect the post, she may be isolating etc.

So far, there has been some difficulty with the first letter of four and the most recent had yet to be collected after a week. My personal opinion is not to go down the route of enforcement but to list your case here as fully but as briefly as you can and seek a strategy on more fulfilling contact and eventually, overnight stays from the other dads on this site.

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