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How do you sort finances without any money?
Hi all, 

Its been at least a year since I last posted.  

Bit of a background:

I went through so much shite in 2018-2019.  I lived with my now ex-wife for around a year trying to "fix things"  but everything decended into chaos.

False DV allegations, allegations of much worse things too!  You name it, my ex wife used the system fully to her advantage.  She wanted me out of our jointly owned home.

So, I moved out in April 2019 and have been renting a home in the next village.  I see my boys for 2 nights every other week.

My question(s):

I am now divorced, it went through Sep 2019.
I would like to finalise the whole thing by sorting out the child arrangements and finances.  My problem is, I am having problems finding money to pay my solicitor.  I have spent around 6K on my solicitor and get myself into debt that is spread over 2 credit cards.

My monthly outgoings are greater than my incomings.

My ex is now representing herself.
I just want to get these things sorted.   How can I take this forward without getting into further debt?  

I dont get how anyone can afford this in normal circumstances? I am full time employed and I earn an "ok" amount but with my current rent, child maintenance, credit card payments etc  -I dont have any money left after everything is paid.

I think my ex, is happy to just let things go as they are as she gets to live in our home and I am forced to rent.  I feel like I do not have any leverage?  

The last actions that took place:

My solicitor completed my form E.
My ex wife, said she was ready to exchange her form E in April but I never heard anything from her.

I have had to ask my solicitor to stand down as I don't have any further funds to pay him.

Any advice is appreciated.
If your divorce went through then the finances should have been sorted no?

What exactly needs to be sorted?
As above, before decree absolute is granted the finances should have been sorted.

Please provide an overview of the matrimonial pot and we can advise from there, you don't need the services of the solicitor particulary as your ex is self repping. It seems like it was a voluntary exchange, if she isn't playing ball then an application to the court will result in her having to stick to deadlines. However, this should be last resort, you should try and resolve between yourselves.

I'm currently self repping in financial settlement against her awkward solicitor, happy to share my experiences and knowledge where required
Sometimes the divorce can go thru before the settlement, like in cases where parties don't explicitly ask for settlement at the time of responding to divorce petition, Or when they are equally rich ( or poor ?) that financial settlement is less consequential than the divorce itself Smile Or sometimes the Judges make that decision to let divorce go thru before the settlement based on the case ( very rare)

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