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Granted PR but seemingly can't prove it

Had a quick search and found nothing definitive. I have PR for my child however it's under the blurb of a cao that states "The names and the parties and the children involved in these proceedings must be kept confidential.". I've phoned the court to ask if I can share this with the nursery and the guy said "I don't know, try emailing the court and somebody will get back to you who knows more than me". Fast forward two months later and they send me a very basic "Dear sirs, see attached for guidance" and it links to an EX710 form. Long story short, I still don't know if I can share this without being in contempt of court so I'm hoping someone here might know.

Thank you.
You can share a redacted oder. Share then only the heading of the order with the court seal and names and the relevant sectiion. That's all. Make clear in your covering email to the school that you are sharing this to them only and only for the purpose of proving PR, it is confidential and not to be shared.

If the names of other children not your own appear, redact them as you should the name of a guardian or CAFCASS officer.
Thank you so much.
I had this once and got a solicitor to write one sentence letter to school with a copy “to whom it may concern”. Didn’t cost too much as a one off. It just confirmed I had PR. But redacted copy of order sounds better as you actually have a court order which is better than just PR.
Thanks Charlie.

Either will work, but the judge in my case advised me I could send in a redacted order to the school, so that's the basis of that.
No further forward it would appear anyway. Now being fed the "Due to data protection we can't share via email but we spoke to your child's mother and she can tell you" rubbish.

If I could get any sense of what my child does at that nursery from her I already would, that was the whole point of contacting the nursery! I'm going to ring them anyway. Slightly concerning how I was dismissed and told 'Speak to child's mother' in the reply.
Ring them and do speak to them. There are no data protection concerns that child is under 18 and its your child! You should point out that you are not with your ex but have an independent right to be involved in your child's education. A right granted by your name being on the birth certificate and separately reinfoced by a court order.

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