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Contact centre confidentiality
Hi all,
I received reports from children services when I raised concerns about my children being abused by mother and her family (physically and emotionally) which was all closed, I saw a paragraph where my child disclosed to me that he was being hurt by his mother and grandparents. I was at the contact centre and had told contact centre manager about it she didn’t want to know and said to me well your child didn’t say anything to me.
From the report I found out that she actually went and told child mother about it and told her I was doing this to cause trouble. This isn’t the first time she has done this and she look down on people who going there for whatever reason.
Is she allowed to do that ? Can I complain about her and who to?
There is nothing you can do. its best not to say anything negative or raise concerns about mother. you need to get on with contact centre people and get good reports so you don't have to keep going there. if your child has concerns its best they come from herself to professionals as previous allegations the case ended up being closed.

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