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Family Courts Reopening??
Hi All,

Does anyone know when the family courts are opening again?

I know video hearings have been taking place but does anyone have any dates for a court hearing coming up at the court itself?

If we can open non-essential shops in mid-June, they should surely be able to open family courts by introducing sensible control measures to mitigate and risks. 

Don’t know sorry. It might take time for them to get going again and it might depend on what happens in the next 3 or 4 weeks. If the number of cases and deaths goes up again after things are relaxed we might end up back in lockdown again - although I think the decision was doing it area by area. Eg if numbers went up only in one region then that region would have lockdown.

Some scientists are saying it is too much too soon and there could be a second wave. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.
Thanks Charlie. I appreciate that it's a changing and challenging situation for the family courts but I would have thought the government would communicate their plans for family court (or any courts for that matter) so people knew their latest plans.

I've been doing this for 3 years so a few months won't make much difference!!

Thanks again
I would imagine july at earliest
I'll probably be taking my ex back to court over our Xmas arrangements in 3 months time or so, gives courts chance to get up and running again before I approach the subject again.
As if we didnt have enough problems on our plate already and we're having to deal with coronavirus precautions and massive delays in the family court.... this year my experience with the East London Family Court has been abysmal!

The things we do for our kids. I hope I don't give up on my kid.
Don’t give up :-). I am thinking that when all this is over and son is here regularly again - that it will soon just all feel like no time has passed and it was all a bad dream. After all the kids lives have been weird all this time as well - no school, shopping, holidays etc - stuck at one home - so not like they are just having a good life without you.
Charlie you still not seen your son yet. I thought you would of started regular contact up again by now
No - phone contact only. Not that often but goo d when it happens. See what next couple of weeks brings. He knows the situation and at 12 is older than some other kids. I am also older than most Dads and priority is staying alive to help him grow up. As ex works for nhs it is just bad luck (or clever management on her part).
Any indication of when the courts are re-opening or how it'll work yet?

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