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Dear Dads,

I hope you are well and stay strong, lucid and think about the future with hope and do the best for your children.

I reached a shared care agreement for my 2 children on the 1/4/2018. As many of you I am a great dedicated dad that would do anything for my kids. I do not drink, never tried drugs, have no convictions and for the last two years I had minimal and professional communication with my ex via Whatsapp and only with reference to our children.
3 weeks ago I have received a mediation request which I refused since my ex did not want to discuss with me her concerns. I am very confident I have done nothing wrong and followed the Court Order to the letter. Now I have received a contact from CAFCASS for a call in July. Again I have no clue why. I am waiting Court papers to understand my ex request (which I suppose will try to prove with lies that I am a bad father so the kids can stay more with her and her boyfriend and I have to pay child maintenance......I have got no idea what she has in mind, so far she has accused me to give too many sweets to our children....which is by the way not true)

1) Should I do something now? apart from collecting evidence against my ex (little one recently came to me twice injured after staying with mother and in one case I had to go to the hospital) and speaking to neighbours and teacher to get witness letter confirming I am a fantastic dad? (something I have done in the past since I have been growing up my kids basically on my own even when married, mother never showed up to school to collect the kids!) 

2) Should I get Solicitors and Barrister again? My previous dealing with solicitors costed me very dear. I would prefer not to spend large amounts again on Solicitors and Barristers that, although in the majority of cases have been useful, they have not done anything exceptional and now that I know the process and rules I could defend myself. I would like to wait for the ex material from Court, file my defence and then I might get a Barrister since if I have to go in front of the Judge it will be definitely an advantage.
I do not think my ex is represented by anyone if not I would have heard from them?

PS. In the past I had a very good experience with CAFCASS that made my ex to shut up but this time might be different.....

All the best and good luck to all dads!

I wouldn't bother with the lawyers.

I would.

1. Ring the court with your case number to see if your ex has filed papers or there has been any other activity (specicially ask that).
2. Ring CAFCASS and see what thry want. Dont be bought off with the July nonsense.
3. Document everything.

You need first and foremost tk find out what is going on.
Thank you so much. very helpful!!!

1) My ex complained to the Court that I did not return our children passports. These were returned well before I received the letter from the Court. I have also gone last week with my ex to renew the one that was expiring. there is nothing to discuss in Court but still she wants to proceed. Mad! she accused me that there was the risk of me taking our children abroad......with no flights from the UK due to COVID....ridiculous and of course I would never do such thing.

2) I have tried to call the Court to see if she filed anything or other activity but the Court does not pick up the phone. I have sent an email and pending a reply

3) What are other next steps? I need to post the C7 (the acknowledgement form). What about my response to the applicant. I just add a letter to the C7?

Thank you so much


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