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today hearing, heart breaking
so I had my hearing today via telephone call,
my cafcass worker has stated contact should be reduced to 1 letter a month and the mother agrees, but she wants to have no contact completely so she happy with that.
however I do not agree with that as how is going to move forward and I have a list which I don't agree by the report. I will state now.
1. my son of 5 thought and feeling was not approached in the report, 
2. my cafcass reporter has not unknowledge the section 7 report I had done, by a social worker ( I cant state why I had a section  report done openly on here but can via private message ) but the section 7 reported stated there was no risk around my daughter and step son I now live with. ex told the courts she fled me and hasn't been in my area where I live for over 2 years, well her partner was seen by myself within 6 miles of my house working at a race course, and been told by workers who worked with him, my ex didn't even deny this in court when I told them. 
and also my ex was seen driving past my house by 3 people including my step son, my ex didn't even deny this either.
4. the children stated they do not feel safe with me because 1. they was influenced by my ex that I was a bad person and been told things about the court and it was proven found of, 2 they have not seen me for over 2 years nearly now I explained that the children would feel this way as a natural way of feeling. daughter was proud of the letters I was sending and even took them into school (school stated) but when questioned my the cafcass worker her approach was different 
6. my daughter only wants to see my in a special place but not right now as I make her jealous (because I told my daughter I was going on holiday) and states she doesn't want me to say I love and miss her and that she only wants cards and presents from me and pictures of her half sister. 
my point is the cafcass worker is making this so impossible and I asked if contact could now go ahead to maybe a telephone call once every 2 weeks with a lot the letters weekly but the cafcass worker now is saying its not safe for the children.
so we have been told that they could not make an order. cafcass worker has said they do not need any further assessment, cafcass also said both of my childrens feelings are completely different. and her advice to change 'her mind' to see the children would be for myself to take reasonability and accept I am a domestic abuser. 
so the judge has ordered no change to the current order, but whitness statements and cross examination to each other.
within the final hearing. 
my question is when the final hearing takes place if they state contact to stay by letters 1 a month how long doesthis last for? will I have to make a new application to the court? 
what is the best way to handle this?
I have told the cafcass worker that I will do on DV course but no not accept it and will put that in writing but the courts wont send me on the course??? how do I get round that? 
I have even reporter her to the management team as im not happy about this. 
im just at a lost end. any advice??
thanks guys.
Hi. This has come up before that they won’t send you on a DV course unless you admit it. If you don’t admit it and go on the course they won’t consider contact. It’s a rock and a hard place if you are innocent. Some guys have put in writing that if it is necessary for them to admit dv and go on the course then they will do so but wish to state that the allegations of dv are untrue. Something like that but better worded.

Leaving that aside for a moment- was this hearing a fact finding ? Because you mentioned a final hearing with cross examination and that is the time you can put the Cafcass officer on the stand and undermine their report. This is the usual way to get your case heard fairly in front of a Judge. Mark on here has some good tips on that.

What contact do you want and what did you apply for? Assume you want regular staying contact.
ive had a finding of facts hearing back in august last year, my ex couldn't provide any proof like I asked her for, I have no police record never had social services up in till the section 7 report, supporting me as non violent.
I have told my cafcass work I accept the course but I the allegations are untrue but she wouldn't let me do the course. but if I accept it it would change her mind? as she stated in the hearing.
how do I find marks tips on that matter?
and also I have indirect contact but I would like to be able to either see them in a contact centre or even a telephone call, or continue to keep having my letters every week, as I was aloud to bave the children after my ex and I spilt and then she came out saying to court I was violent and even punch my child. but still allowed me to see the children after I apparently done this.
I doesn't make sense anymore!!

my ex also took me to court for a c100! then not allowing me to have any contact with them
Only thing you can do is say you accept the find a fact hearing ruled against you and go on the course. Failure to go on course or saying you are innocent wether you are or not will result in no contact with children I am afraid. it will remain indirect which isn't very nice.
So social services section 7 said you were non violent but Cafcass backed up the Mother’s allegations at this recent hearing? Was the section 7 referred to?

Also did the finding of fact go against you in August? When there is no evidence it very much goes on who the Judge believes on the day of a fact finding. And how good the judge is.

What I don’t understand is if it went against you in August, why there was another hearing recently and a final hearing listed.

The more info you can give the easier it will be for us to advise.

Don’t give up. Does the section 7 exonerate you completely from any kind of dv and support or recommend any contact? It sounds like you are stuck in one of these long interim delay type things which the other side take advantage of. And believe me I know there are some truly awful Cafcass officers.

It does sound like you need some legal advice at this stage. Could you get a free half hour with a solicitor - I am sure they are still doing phone consultations. I found it helpful in the past to have 3 free half hours with 3 different solicitors and take on board what the one I thought was best said- or weigh up the results of what all three say - if they all say the same thing then that is probably the situation. But sometimes you get one who is more savvy and proactive and that can help. And more experienced. My free half hours have often been at least an hour and no charge.
my wife now has a child with her ex, and once my ex took me to court for the children c100 my wifes ex took her to court for full custody and while in the courts they was told to do a section 7 by social services and her ex has said she wasn't providing proper care for their so because shes moved house 3 times in 2 years, crazy I know, so the section 7 report was done and all in her favour 'child to remain living with mum' in the report my wife told the social worker about the finding of facts hearing and she then had to do more intense meetings with us all, and then in her statement of section 7 told the courts there was no worry of DV from myself, and then my wifes ex backed down and told the court he didn't want full custody of their son, (my ex wife and my partners ex both went to court for the same thing at the same time, statement matched together)
after the finding of facts hearing and report done the cafacss worker told the judge in her report that the children should only have indirect contact by letters once a month, but the judge said I could have 1 letters weekly, and reviewed in April, with another report done by her.
I hope this helps.
Ok so they probably won’t count the section 7 for your wife’s case. I wonder why they didn’t order supervised contact instead of indirect? However sounds like Judge has ordered Cafcass to do another report (is that the one not favourable to you?) and a final hearing. I would think you could use the section 7 from your wife’s case, as evidence, at final hearing but more important to cross examine and undermine Cafcass at final hearing.

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