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Child arrangements order advice
I'm in the process of getting divorced.

I live with my STBX in the family home, work from home and spend as much time as I can with my kids. I have a very flexible work schedule that enables me to fit my working day around childcare.

Unfortunately, my STBX is trying to limit the amount of time I have with my children. I have suggested a 50/50 split but she would rather have a 5/2 split. There is no reason not to have a 50/50 split other than the fact that she doesn't want it. She spends around 3 nights per week at her boyfriend's house so the children are used to spending time with both of us.

What are your experiences of getting a child arrangements order through the family court? My goal is for 50/50 custody. Is this reasonable given there is no reason why the children can't spend an equal amount of time with each parent?
Its very hard to get 50/50 shared contact unless ex is agreeable to it. I would try and get her to agree to a 4/3 split in her favour. If she agreed to that then you would of done very well without the need to go family court. you could have 2 nights during the week picking kids up from school and dropping off to school and every other weekend fri pick up from school drop off sunday 5pm for example. that would be 12 nights every 4 weeks. some dads do 1 day during week overnight stay and pick up from school Friday every other weekend but drop off Monday to school which is 10 nights every 4 weeks . any of them 2 is close to 50/50 as you can get. Also half of all school holidays and special events shared . a 4/3 split would only be during school term time .

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