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Father's Day
Just saying hi to all on Father's Day :-)  Hope it's been ok - I know for some it will have been hard.  I haven't seen my son since mid March but he knows it's because of the virus situation.  He sent me a message today and said he'd call tonight.
Happy Father's day to you Charlie and all other hard working fathers. I didn't have the children today, but I'm sure they were thinking about their daddy, good enough Smile
Happy Father's Day to you Charlie and SeanS and to all the committed dads out there. I have been fortunate to have my boy as normal during the lockdown period and also spent a few lovely hours with him on Father's day.

The one thing our ordeals in court teach us is to appreciate every moment we have with our children.

Hope you have your boy in your home soon Charlie. Smile
And a Happy Belated Father's Day to you too Charlie and to all (the dedicated loving) fathers everywhere.

Happy Father's Day all.

I'm in an unfortunate situation where I've recently lost contact with my son's eldest child who has just turned 21. It's mainly to do with Facebook. I think what finally did it was the post where she agreed with a meme that said "Coronavirus has been in my life longer than my dad". It had laughing emojis from her mom and even her step dad, so what can he do? He's still her genetic dad even if they don't want that to be true.
I would screenshot that Kate. At 21 no court orders of course but you might be able to discuss it with him in the future as it is clear his Mum and Stepdad have encouraged a negative view about his Dad who clearly wanted to be in his life more.

Does he have phone and email contact with his daughter? I would suggest trying to arrange meet ups with her and not even mention Facebook.
Thank you Charlie for your kind words and advice. 

I suppose my point in posting this vague information was that, from a dad’s point of view, and that of his extended family, the alienation can continue well into adulthood, especially if the separation of the parents was at an early age of the child as it was in my son's case.  At one point a couple of years ago he was in a new relationship, and his daughter was associating with them, but I had a call from her mother (bearing in mind that his daughter was 19/20 at the time) and she asked about her whereabouts and when I said she was with her dad and his partner, she said “I don’t know why she bothers”. When I saw that post on FB regarding Coronavirus, I responded with the truth and so now I’m ‘persona non grata’ in terms of paternal family.

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