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Struggling to make payments
Currently have an arrangement with my ex partner for child maintenance (which is slightly below the CMS payments). 

I am struggling to make these payments and i know fine well that the money i give her is not being spent on our son. She is living the life of riley with the majority of the money i give her being spent on herself, as such she will not agree to me paying her less. She has already stated she would bring up in court that less money would impact the well-being of our son.

Question is, is there anything I can do to pay slightly less maintenance? I have heard of going to an appeals within the CMS but i dont think they would help much from hearing of others experiences.

Thanks in advance
You pay less than you are meant to be paying if CMS were involved. There is nothing you can do to reduce payments. If you keep trying I guess she will get CMS involved and you will pay more. Family courts wont do anything about it , but potentially would frown if you wasn't paying it.

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