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Ex refusing to give me a photo of son's birth certificate
Hi guys. My divorce is over with thankfully but child contact is still difficult. 

My son has a child trust fund account as he was born when the government were handing out £500 to newborns. I noticed recently that I could transfer his account to an account with much better interest but I need to upload a copy of his birth certificate to complete the transfer. My ex refuses to give me a copy/photo of it so that I can do this for him. Just exerting her control again.
Since there is no child arrangements order and we both have parental responsibility, is there any legal context I can show her that entitles me to a copy of my son's birth certificate? She might cooperate if I can show its a legal requirement.

I was able to order a copy of my sons birth certificate online even when I wasn't on it from the borough he was born and registered in. Guessing you should be able to do the same. Search on google x borough order birth certificate. They post it to you. Cant remember how much it cost but wasn't expensive maybe 15 quid ish
Good luck
Yes you can order a copy online - costs about £10 and takes a couple of weeks although these days they probably send you a download link. Only thing is that savings thing can only be used/managed by one parent I think. I looked into it along with all the tax free Isas etc for kids but only the parent in receipt of child tax credits etc could open it. What I did in the end was open my own child account without the extra perks - and use that as his savings account. Still needed a copy of his birth certificate. I am not sure if the gov funded one is transferable and if it is it would definitely need exes agreement.

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