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Mother changing agreed contact arrangements
I have made a last attempt to request that she comply with our Child Arrangement Order following a number of breaches on a midweek evening contact.  In response she has stated that she will now stick to the order exactly as it is written ie he will now ignore the agreement we have always had in place re times on this day as the times on the order are not practical ie 4:30 til 6pm and taking into account travel time this would allow only half an hour at home with our child and in that time I have to provide dinner.  This time also means that I will not be able to collect our child from school after they begin infant school in September on contact day.  She has point blank refused to allow this and this is the really the reason for now insisting that we revert to the later start time on the court order.  She wants to alienate me from our child's schooling as a form of control.  

I was about to serve a C79.  Should I continue with this as I believe she will go on to breach the order again or should I apply to have the order amended to the times that we have agreed and which have taken place over the past year?
I think they would expect you to have tried mediation first. If that actually works then you could have the times on the order amended by consent - without having to actually go to court.

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