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Make unreasonable parent alienation a criminal offence.
Lets try get this to 10k & share.

Make unreasonable parent alienation a criminal offence.

I am petitioning to change the law so that parent alienation becomes a chargeable offence. Manipulation of a child by one parent against the other has become so common in family breakdowns that it should be dealt with like other forms of neglect or child abuse.
Brilliant Scotay. I hope this time it actually gets done. Because I came across a similar petition a while back- not sure how old it is -and the Government's response to it was pathetic. Have a look. It basically says no need to make it a criminal offence because the Family courts can deal with it - yeah right - and waffles on about Cafcass. Which completely misses the point and lets it continue.

It's here
Brilliant article and I hope they get it included in the domestic violence bill. The difficulty is the army of womens rights and Cafcass who claim most of these cases are men who are violent. But what the report shows is that there are parents out there who jump on the bandwagon of domestic abuse to prevent kids seeing the other parent and have no qualms harming their kids to do it.

So yes it needs to be classed as illegal and recognised for what it is, but the family courts also need to scrap Cafcass and replace them with fully qualified psychologists.
Thank you Scotay. Its outrageous this already isnt a crime, it should have been a long time ago. I've signed

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