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So sorry to come on here again but I have no one else to seek advice.
Court order says set days in 6 week holidays, but we can both take the children away for 7 days so long as we five 3 month notice.
My ex told me the week she intended to take them away and vice versa. I haven't needed to cancel mine as it is in August and in UK whereas she has cancelled hers but hasn't told me when she would want to rearrange. I've text her with what the court order says and the dates she'd asked for in addition to mine. I've said I'll be flexible due to covid 19. She's ignored that so I have no idea what the 6 weeks are gonna like l. Do I text again? If she breaks away from the court order without telling me first, is it a further breach. I'm worried she'd just tell me she's having 7 days as and when she feels like it
she may still go on holiday for them 7 days but somewhere in uk instead. to be fair you cant blame her for not letting you know due to covid 19 . I am sure she might let you know nearer the time you would think
I have said I'm assuming she wants the same days as she's not toldme otherwise and I've also said if she wants to have her 7 days at another time then I can be flexivle but I'd like to know in advance as they're less than 3 week away and she's already booked her shifts

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