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go to High Court/ Barrister
hi all. My question is , Is it worth paying for a Barrister and going to the High Court?
Brief details, Divorced back in 2014.Ex stopped contact more or less straight away. I went through a bunch of solicitors even before getting into court. Been in court 10 times only with representation 3 times. When im on my own i would describe the experience as bullying . And never get anything like acceptable contact
Would it be worth the cost? Anyone with first hand experience ? thanks
No would be the 100 % answer. could cost you well over 10 thousand to achieve nothing. its best to come on here right a summary of whats happened and get advice on what contact you should be getting. with no safeguarding concerns you should be getting every other weekend , half of the holidays and midweek contact if workable and can do school runs
I don't know about the high court but it can be worth getting a direct access barrister - and this may not be extortionate if it is say for a half day hearing (I've done that before). I find they advocate for you even with Cafcass. It really depends what stage you're at now.
Fundamentally, a barrister or solicitor isn't worth it unless you are in the very worst jam. Using one under normal circumstances means you may simply end up with spiralling costs as your case drags on and heading towards an empty bank balance when you need to keep thr case going.

Psychologically, it wears on an ex to know you'll show up for every hearing as a litigant in person and won't give up.

You need to post your problems on here and get advice.
Thanks guys. Will give details tomorrow
If it helps jamesbond. Litigants always get bullied generally in family court and this isnt nothing untoward. many solictors and some family court judges/magistrates dont like litigants and will use technical jargon and play games .
there are also a lot of solicitors and family court judge/magistrates that if you are child focused will go above and beyond to achieve a fair result sometimes upsetting their client in process
IMO there really is no clear yes or no answer, it will depend on many variables such as your independent case, your exes position, yours and exes individual financial situations, both of your personalities and the barrister cost/skill. Solicitor is a bigger waste of money to me and complete rip off. Barrister however will depend on the above variables and where you are at in the case. For example not needed for First hearing but potentially for final hearing.

I've self represented and it went to hell. Got bulldozed by exes counsel. I've also had terrible barristers that got me nothing and it was like flushing money down the drain. But once I found the right one he made all the difference. He destroyed ex for 3 hours cross-examination for final hearing and I could never have done that. Even if I had the skill the judge would have seen me as hostile whereas a barrister can get away with it. And it was needed in my case as my ex is absolutely hellbent on alienating me and will never change and judge needed to see that. I would not have gotten a lives with both order if it weren't for that barrister and that cross examination. Unfortunately it doesnt matter what the court orders as my ex will never follow it and Im again back at square 1 with no contact, but not all exes are like this, most people have a limit somewhere. Definitely post more specifics to see if its worth it.
thanks guys for the feedback. should i post more details in here or the court section? thanks
You can post it here. The court section tends to be for court results after a hearing. No names obviously :-)
Was married. I'm on the child's birth cert. With PR. Thou in reality this has proven meaningless. I left the family home and marriage after a number of years. Reason, victim of DA. I applied first for divorce. Cos of inept sol. The app didn't go through. Ex replied by filing against me successfully. About 6 months after leaving she stopped contact with our child. Reason, bitterness. The stress of this added to previous dramas of homelessness, no money, no support lead to a break down. I went through a string of inept sols trying to get back into court. Over 2 years of zero contact. Got contact started in a visit centre at my request. This ran for about 1 year. The ex is a master narressist (spelling), played all agencies perfectly. Would not extend contact. I ended up going to court 10+ times. I have 2 hours a month. Yes 2 hrs a Month. No birthdays, xmas, holidays. Ex plays the concern for child card. Saying he's mentally unfit

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